COMPANY Phil Minnaar Auctioneers was established by Phil Minnaar in 1954. After his death the corporation was passed on to his son Jan-Minnaar.

The demand for an excellent quality and professional auctioneering service created the success for this growing company in a challenging industry. In 1984 Dick Pienaar replaced Jan Minnaar as director. Dick not only maintained the established name of the company, but added to its service and value with years of experience in the auctioneering industry. Before making this career move, Dick had specialized in ”immovable property” and livestock auctioneering. Dick remained the trusted senior director and was later joined by Pierre Vermeulen.

The company grew to greater capacity and proved to remain reliable throughout its growing years. Not only were they able to deal with a greater load of work, but with larger and more challenging projects — all in the best interest of the client. Phil Minnaar Valuations was established in 1997, specialising in valuations, These extensions have helped the Phil Minnaar Group to become a company with effective and efficient service to clients.

Phil Minnaar Auctioneers have grown from strength to strength remaining faithful to their quality and building their ability to deal with a greater quantity of projects. Because the industry has become so much more challenging and demanding, Phil Minnaar Auctioneers promise … ”Bid by bid, we go the extra mile?”