• Since 1954 we have grown extensively and never looked back at any project that we have attempted. Every project has been a great success. As with any company, it is with years of experience that we have built our knowledge in the field of auctioneering. The complexity of projects and the requirements of clients have also grown through the years demanding more time, challenge and understanding of the field. We are proud to say that as the field has extended, so have we.
  • We currently employ 6 full time members of staff. They form the foundation of our organization. Adding to these full time staff member are two part time staff members.
  • The expertise in our company is of great value to us, because this is how we can assure our clients of our contribution to the selling process. Dick Pienaar (our senior Member) has been in the auctioneering field since 1967, therefore bringing years of knowledge and experience into the company.The background knowledge in business management our other director have attained in their previous careers, contribute to the smooth running of projects through the process of marketing, auctioneering and reconciliation of documentation. Our administration personnel offer an extensive knowledge to admin, bookkeeping, client service and event management.


  • Because of our many years of establishment, we have an extensive database of buyers and traders
  • Policy of reconciling transactions and paying proceeds to the client within 48 hours
  • Established personnel and directors
  • Central location