Joel Dick Pienaar — Dick has been in the auctioneering industry since 1967. He-has offered. his skills and expertise at various companies and in 1984 decided to invest in his own company, specialising in auctioneering.

Since then Dick has never looked back. His experience from BSB and BKB have made him the trusted and reliable business man he is today. And as the industry has grown, so too Dick has learnt to deal with a greater variety of projects.

As senior director Dick respects the contribution that every individual in the company offers and strives to develop them to their full potential.

”In this industry I have met the most interesting people and seen the most beautiful places in our country. I place a great value to the contribution of auctioneering to society, it is a very just way of determining the true worth of movable and immovable goods. In my career I have trained many auctioneers and have seen their careers grow as they moved on, I would like to challenge the public to come and witness one of Phil Minnaar’s auctions. “It is truly a most enjoyable experience.”

Pierre Andre Vermeulen started his career in the agricultural industry. After his studies at Cedara Agricultural College he started farming, later expanding his knowledge of raw material into brick building and paving and later even civil engineering. His talents carried his career countrywide and even as far as Mozambique. Pierre brings business management skills into Phil Minnaar Auctioneers, contributing greatly to relationship marketing and client service.

”Every career I have pursued has been exciting, but auctioneering has surely brought the most job satisfaction of all, Being an auctioneer is the same as being a liquidator, banker, estate agent, car salesman, policeman, shopkeeper and engineer all in one. Working with people is my forte and having so many potential buyers from different walks of life, makes my job even more challenging!”

”The best choice I ever made was becoming part of the auctioneering industry. It is a very dynamic and interesting field and every day brings a new and more demanding challenge, because every sale and the expectations of every sale are unique, the success thereof is a great accomplishment. We don’t only want to be satisfied after an auction, but also want to give the client the satisfaction of a job done well. We never look back, and neither do our clients.”